AAA Tantra Massage in Las Vegas
Newbie Massages $150
1) Tantrotic Massagetm--45 minute Tantra Teasing Intro--includes the same sensual and erotic techniques in the above tantralizing massage but w/out the male g-spot massage.


2) Sizzling Sliquid Bodyslidetm--45 minute Body2Body Teasing Intro--includes some of the same slippery glide techniques as the Body2Body Slippery Glide Tango Massagetm adding special pepee lotion for optimum slipperiness on my red PVC play sheet--and a skintastic creamy boob finale.


3)Tigress Light Touchtm--45 minutes of sensual & erotic 'head2toe' light tickling torture tease & massaging your whole body with hand-glides, hand-brushes & hand-squeezing..PLUS flirtatious feathers, puffs, edible chocolate body icing, nipple nibblers, tie-downs, masks, honey dust powders to make it sooo torturously delicious.. let my fingernails do the walking over every muscle with the lightest, barely there touch..tingly goose bump finale..

spring mountain road, arville street, las vegas, nevada, 89102, United States
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